Christiano Boria
Christiano Boria

Christiano Boria

student of startups and markets investing and partnering with software and AI businesses | prev: @coatuemgmt @goldmansachs @brownuniversity | you can find me on Twitter here


  • Rabbit Inc AI (seed Nov ‘21; Series A - Khosla Ventures Aug ‘23)
  • (seed Jan ‘22; Series A - Lightspeed Aug ‘23)
  • IYK (seed Jan ‘22; Series A - a16z Sep ‘23)
  • Le Random (seed Nov ‘22)
  • Plan (pre-seed ‘17; Seed - Susa Ventures; acquihired by Chapter ‘21)
  • Auris Robotics’ (Series D ‘18; exited to JNJ for $3.4b yielding a 3.4x MOIC Feb ‘19)
  • Grab, Full Truck Alliance, Discord, Cameo, Epic Games, among other previous port cos


I grew up in NYC on the Upper East Side, living only a block away from where I went to high school (further than my commute from dorm room to class in college). I come from a mixed background as a Puerto Rican-American, growing up in a single-parent household am proud to be a first-gen college grad, all of which gave me grit, hustle, and the ability to connect with diverse types of people.

I attended Brown University and received my B.A. in Economics. Early in my life I fell in love with technology and investing—playing every video game under the sun and tinkering with early Apple computers and began reading about investing in stocks in 7th grade, assembling a small portfolio that I kept up with.

When I graduated Brown, I took the predictable path and worked in Investment Banking at Goldman Sachs, getting the basics under my belt, but my true passion was in technology investing, and I was recruited to Coatue where I built the foundation of my investment framework, met visionary founder-CEOs of some of the coolest software companies out there, and felt like a detective trying to see what the rest of the market might have overlooked through proprietary research and using data science. I angel invested in some kick-ass software founders in my free time, got experience getting exits in private companies, and realized I loved mission-driven entrepreneurs who put their all into their companies and employees. After Coatue I worked for a seasoned investor while I built a startup, and later got into venture at Artist Capital in NY, managing the tech portfolio, traveling to conferences, hosting events with founders, building out contacts in the ecosystem, and learning and reading as much as I could.

Now I’m at the next stage in my journey and I want to partner with AI and software 3.0 founders to help them achieve world domination.

Some cool things about me:

  • After college, before starting work, I backpacked with 3 of my closest friends from high school throughout South East Asia, going to Thailand, Cambodia, HK, Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia and South Korea
  • I have driven across the country from Portland, OR to NYC, hitting some epic National Parks, and meeting people from all walks of life along the way—friendships that last to this day
  • I did a full Ironman in Mont Tremblant, Canada with no prior experience in triathlon after doing the NY Marathon, and love helping other people realize they can accomplish any challenge (physical or mental) that they set out to and raised funds for charity
  • In high school, I took a semester at the Mountain School of Milton Academy, in Vershire, VT working on an organic farm, harvesting food for the school, and learning outdoor survival skills with 44 kids and some of the best teachers ever


2024 Gen AI Investing Framework